Will Google kill the robots? Chrome threatened to stop AI from getting smarter!

has recently implemented an automatic verification feature to facilitate the user identification process on websites. This feature was developed in order to combat bots, which can impersonate humans and compromise internet . This feature also aims to preserve the growth of .

Automatic verification” feature

Google Chrome's “Automatic Verification” feature verifies that users are real people, not robots or automated actions. This is done by checking previously visited websites, as a small amount of information from these previous checks with Chrome is stored. Users will still have to perform CAPTCHA checks, but not as often as before. This feature is still relatively new, and to use it, users need to enable it via Chrome's settings, under the “Privacy and Security” tab and “Site Settings”.

Anti-abuse feature

The automatic verification feature was implemented in Chrome in February and Chromium developers refer to it as the “anti-abuse” feature. In addition, Google announced that it has implemented several improvements in its service to increase the response speed and performance of the browser on devices and -made equipment. These improvements are mainly focused on mobile devices, which allows the browser to be used to its fullest on Android smartphones and tablets. Google said it achieved 10 percent improvements in the Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark over a three-month period.

All in all, the automatic verification feature implemented by Google helps limit the associated with bots and ensures better security on the internet. In addition, the improvements made by the company allow a more efficient use of the Chrome browser on mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in online security in order to enjoy an optimal and safe internet experience.

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