Women who date younger men are more satisfied, study finds

These are not very common , but according to statistics, they seem to produce great satisfaction in the people involved, and there are several hypotheses about this.

Recently, following some controversial statements by Risto, the term “ageism” is used to refer to the age difference between couples. Generally, this age difference refers to mature men and young women, but it seems that reverse relationships (an and a younger male partner) have been attracting attention for years because of their unusual nature. From the legendary writer Colette, who had a lover younger than her, to Demi Moore or Ashton Kutcher, to President Macron and his wife Brigitte, who is 24 years older than him, this is also not new in human .

It's probably more guarded than men's (Leonardo DiCaprio memes notwithstanding). In fact, research has concluded that such relationships between middle-aged women and young men are incredibly rare. In the , where some studies have been conducted, census data indicate that only 1.3% of marriages between a man and a woman include a woman who is ten or more years older than her husband.

As Psychology Today reports a survey of about 200 heterosexual women in a relationship was evenly split: some were significantly older than their partners (average age 22), some were significantly younger than their male partners (average age 17), and the last were close in age (average age three).

They found that women who were more than ten years older than their male partners were actually the most satisfied and committed to their relationship.

They found that women who were more than ten years older than their male partners were actually the most satisfied and committed to their relationships compared to women younger than their partners, as well as women whose partners were close in age to their own. In other words, despite the stigma associated with older women dating younger men, women in these relationships were thriving.


The next question is to understand why they are happier. There are a few hypotheses: it may be because when women are older, the power dynamic shifts toward greater equality. We know from a lot of research that greater equality in a relationship tends to make couples happier, so it may be that this arrangement is more egalitarian.

It may not be so much equality as putting women in a more dominant position, which many men enjoy.

Another option is that it may not be so much about equality as it is about putting women in a more dominant position. We know that many men like the idea of submitting to a dominant and powerful woman, and tend to see older women as having these characteristics. After all, this is a big part of why MILF-themed porn is so popular. Perhaps it is a sense of empowerment that ultimately underlies the greater satisfaction of older women, and perhaps this empowerment allows women to get more of what they want, sexually and otherwise.

In summary, these findings suggest that while age-gap couples consisting of an older woman and a younger man may face strong social resistance, this does not necessarily prevent them from developing strong and highly satisfying relationships.

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