You won’t believe these 8 crucial things you HAVE to warn your guests about before they step foot in your home!

can be fun, but it also requires a significant amount of work. From the house to planning menus, there are so many things to do before guests arrive. However, it's important not to overlook the importance of briefing your guests on certain expectations. Here are some important things to let them know before their arrival, according to experts.

Who Else Will Be There

You may have already planned the sleeping arrangements and chosen the party menu, but it's crucial to let your guests know who else will be present. This information is especially important if you have invited people who don't know each other. Interior designer, home chef, and hosting aesthetic expert Chantelle Hartman Malarkey advises, “Nothing is worse [than] when someone shows up thinking it's going to be a casual get-together with just you, and then there are other people there.” So, to avoid any surprises, tell your guests about the number and identities of the other attendees.

Basic House Rules

Your guests should feel comfortable during their stay, but it's important to make them aware of any specific . There should be mutual respect for your home and your space, so Kristi Spencer, founder of The Polite Company, suggests that you inform visitors about noise restrictions, policies, and how to be considerate of your work schedule. Communicate these in writing, either by a note or text message, to avoid confusion.

Length of Stay

A visit from friends or can quickly turn uncomfortable if they overstay their welcome or don't respect the boundaries you set. Make it clear to your guests ahead of their arrival how long you are willing to host them and when you'll be available to spend time together. Always remember to plan with them so that there are no later issues regarding time or scheduling conflicts.

Food and Drink

Make sure to ask if there are any food or dislikes and provide options related to them. Lisa Mirza Grotts, an etiquette expert, recommends checking for allergies once guests accept your invitation to visit or stay at your house. It is also important for you to communicate with your guests whether you will serve food or not. If you aren't, it's a nice courtesy to give a heads up so they can eat beforehand or bring their own beverage, etc.


If you have furry friends, remember that they are a part of your family, but they might not be greeted well by your guests if they have allergies or anxieties. It is always wise to inform your guests if you have a pet – this provides them with the opportunity to prepare accordingly or take necessary . You can also keep your pet separate from your guests, if space allows. If someone is allergic, make sure to clean up pet hair before their arrival.

Construction Work

If you're having work done to your home, always make sure to notify guests ahead of time about what to expect. This ensures that they don't end up getting disappointed if something is off-limits. If they were thinking of hitting the pool, but it's currently under maintenance, it's nice to share that insight ahead of time!

Children's Routines

If you have young children with a set schedule, make sure to familiarize your guests on the timing so that they are not caught off guard. This way, everyone can plan and adjust to the timing without feeling rushed or uncomfortable.

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