You Won’t Believe What Dr. Phil Just Said About the Shelley Duvall Interview!

's Infamous Interview: Why He Won't Apologize

In 2016, retired actor Shelley Duvall made headlines for all the wrong reasons. She was featured on an episode of Dr. Phil entitled “A Star's Descent Into : Saving 's Shelley Duvall.” The interview was criticized by many, including The Shining director Stanley Kubrick's daughter, Vivian, who called it “appallingly cruel.” In a recent interview, Dr. Phil McGraw addressed the backlash and defended his decision to feature Duvall on the show.

Duvall had been out of the public eye for many years when she appeared on Dr. Phil's show. She made some bizarre statements, including that she believed her late co-star Robin Williams was still alive and “shapeshifting.” She also expressed fear that someone might hurt her. After the episode aired, many viewers felt uncomfortable with the show exploiting Duvall's apparent vulnerability. However, McGraw insisted that he and his team made attempts to help Duvall that were not shown on the episode.

Fast forward to 2021, and Duvall has given another rare interview to The Hollywood Reporter. During the interview, she spoke about her career, her life after leaving the spotlight, and her experience on the Dr. Phil show. Duvall revealed that she found out the kind of person McGraw was the hard way, and that her mother didn't like him either. She also claimed that McGraw continued to try to contact her after the interview aired, even calling her mother.

Despite the controversy surrounding the interview, a spokesperson for Dr. Phil defended the episode as an opportunity to share relatable information with audiences. The statement also revealed that the show offered Duvall , which she declined, and after months of follow-up, she refused assistance.

On a brighter note, Duvall is returning to after a 20-year hiatus. She will star in the 2023 indie horror movie , playing the main character's mother. Duvall expressed her excitement about acting again, saying that it enriches her life.

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