You won’t believe which places USPS is suspending services in – Prepare to be shocked!

Suspends Services in Two Different States

For many people, having to go to the post office is already a hassle, but it becomes even more frustrating when the post office is closed unexpectedly. Sometimes, the US Postal Service () has to close its facilities due to circumstances beyond its control, like hazards or dangerous weather conditions. Unfortunately, there are currently two states where USPS customers are experiencing this difficult situation. Read on to learn more about where services are being suspended.

Tularosa Post Office in New Mexico Temporarily Closed

The USPS usually informs customers of changes in operations through its website. According to the latest update on the site, postal customers in New Mexico are currently impacted. Starting immediately, the in Tularosa, New Mexico, is “temporarily closed,” according to the USPS. Although the agency did not provide any details about the closure, a post on the town's community Facebook page “Making a Difference Tularosa” suggests that the reason could be a hazardous spill.

For postal needs during the Tularosa Post Office closure, customers can access their mail and receive services at the Alamogordo Post Office, which is just over 13 miles away.

Pikeville Main Post Office in Kentucky Closed Until Further Notice

The USPS also recently shuttered a facility in Pikeville, Kentucky—the . The agency closed the building on June 5, and it will remain closed “until further notice,” according to a USPS press release. The decision for evacuation was made “due to structural issues,” explained the USPS.

Although USPS officials did not provide any details about the specific problem in the building, local authorities have said that the roof of the Pikeville Commons apartment complex partially collapsed during a storm around the time of the evacuation. The postal facility will remain closed while repairs are being made, but customers can access all retail transactions and pick up their PO Box mail at the Downtown Post Office, which is less than five miles away.

Stay Informed About Postal Services in Your Area

The USPS Service Alerts website provides customers with up-to-date information about whether mail delivery and local post office services are available in their area. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your local post office for more information.

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