You Won’t Believe Why Elle Fanning Was Rejected from a Role at 16!

Reveals Inappropriate Comment Made About Her at 16 While Auditioning for a Road Trip Comedy

Elle Fanning, who made her debut as a child star and is now 25, revealed in a recent Reporter comedy actress roundtable that have come her way during her as an actress. Despite being grateful to have had the same manager and agent since she was young, Fanning spoke about the need for a “filtration system” and recounted how she found out that she wasn't offered a role in a “father-daughter road trip comedy” at 16 because she wasn't thought to be sexy enough. A person said, “Oh, she didn't get the father-daughter road trip comedy because she's un-[expletive]-able.”

Early Career and Protecting Herself

Fanning spoke about her early career during the comedy roundtable and the importance of the that her amazing manager and agent had provided her with since she was eight or nine. She was impressed that she had the same manager and agent throughout her career, which she realizes is “rare.” Despite being protected, she did receive harmful comments during her career, causing her to become aware of herself.

Taking Authority Over Her Career

With age and experience in her career, Fanning has started to take authority over the roles she wants. She wants more complicated roles to play and aims to fight the stigma that women in films have to look a certain way. Fanning has gained the ability to turn down scripts that do not appeal to her and is now much more discerning.

Losing Roles for the Wrong Reasons

In addition to the inappropriate comment Fanning received about not being “sexy enough” for a role, she also lost a role because she did not have enough followers. Fanning believes that Instagram followers should not be the sole determinant of getting a part, and she finds it unfair that she lost the part to another actor just because of her follower count.

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