Your sleeping position says a lot about your relationship with your partner

Did you know that, according to an article published by the French Institute, the sleeping position you adopt with your partner can say a lot more about your relationship than it seems?

In fact, the position we adopt when sleeping next to our partner can say a lot about our relationship. Whether cuddled, spooned, on our backs or apart, each of these positions has a profound meaning in romantic . Psychologists have managed to decipher what each posture can reveal about ourselves and how we feel about our partner.

Did you know that sleeping with a partner can promote more restful sleep?

Contrary to what you might think, sharing a bed with your partner has a range of benefits for individual sleep, as several scientific studies have revealed. Sleeping with a partner has multiple benefits, both for the relationship and for our personal . By sharing a bed, we experience more pleasant rest, improved mood, the comforting company of our loved one, a stronger emotional bond with our partner, reduced stress and, of course, improved intimacy.

It may seem surprising, but there has been some research into the relationship between bed-sharing and . These studies have mainly focused on the analysis of body movements during the night and have revealed that sleeping in company can increase the REM phase of sleep and allow both people to synchronize their sleep . It has also been suggested that co-sleeping can improve , memory and creative abilities.

What does the position you sleep in say about your relationship?

The position we adopt when sleeping next to our partner can also say a lot about the relationship. Body language experts suggest that these postures may even reflect the current state of the relationship, which in turn has a direct impact on the quality of our sleep.

Here's what each sleeping position can reveal about your relationship:

  • Kissing: One of the most romantic ways to share the dream as a couple is to cuddle. This resting position reveals deep love, affection and commitment between the two people. It's a indication that the relationship is at an exceptional moment, when the need for physical contact is powerful and a full, satisfying intimate life is appreciated.
  • Coffee spoon: In this position, the bodies fit together perfectly, merging into one. This represents exceptional harmony in the couple and will undoubtedly result in a pleasant, high-quality rest.
  • Intertwined: The intertwining of your bodies reveals strong desire and intense passion. This position is most common in couples who are just starting out and are channeling intense tension between them. Each maintains his or her own space, but the feet are intertwined in an intimate connection.
  • Separate: Sleeping separately often suggests a loving relationship that needs special attention. This could provoke feelings of dissatisfaction or even a kind of rejection, which could affect the quality of the long-awaited rest.

The way you sleep with your partner can reveal many aspects of your relationship. Whether you cuddle, spoon, intertwine or separate, it shows love, affection, commitment or potential problems you may be experiencing. It's worth looking at this facet of our married life to better understand our relationship and work together to make it more fulfilling.

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