Your smartphone might not survive your nights! Why you should not charge it while you sleep

Think you're doing your smartphone a favor by letting it charge while you ? Think again, this habit could be the worst enemy of your battery. Manufacturers warn: for optimum longevity, avoid overcharging and discharging your battery completely.

Stop night charging: a danger for your smartphone

Often, the night is the ideal time to recharge your smartphone, when it is least used. However, this habit, far from being harmless, could cost your battery and reduce its life. This is what the manufacturers of models, such as , warn. Their recommendation is : “Do not leave your phone connected to the charger for long periods of time or overnight,” they advise. According to them, the ideal way to extend the life of the battery is to keep it between 30% and 70% of charge.

The battery of your phone: a fragile balance

The majority of smartphones work with lithium ion batteries which, whether you like it or not, eventually degrade over time. This phenomenon is inevitable, regardless of the number of recharges. How does this happen? Batteries work by moving charge carriers between the electrodes, which, over time, stresses these components and reduces their efficiency.

A smartphone is not a sponge: why overcharging is deleterious

Imagine your phone is a sponge and its battery is water. “It's easy enough to fill a dry sponge with water,” says Kevin Purdy of iFixit. However, trying to force an already water-saturated sponge to absorb the last few drops requires pressure, likely leaving more liquid on the surface. In the case of the battery, this “saturation” results in a buildup of SEI (solid electrolyte interface) that reduces its overall capacity.

The hidden risks of nighttime charging: fires and overheating

Charging your phone at night also carries other . Although unlikely, it is technically possible for your phone to catch fire overnight. This is because charging the battery usually increases the internal temperature of the device, which can lead to a fire if it malfunctions. Also, charging your phone in bed, under your pillow or between your sheets increases the chances of overheating.

Keep your smartphone safe: some practical tips

To avoid these , a few are necessary. First, avoid leaving it on charge all night. Then, never let your battery discharge completely. Finally, keep your smartphone away from hot weather and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, especially at the or pool. In general, make sure your phone is always in a cool, well-ventilated environment.

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