Zelda and Ganondorf come into play

A wind of excitement is blowing through 's amiibo world. Key characters from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are about to join the collection in the form of new amiibo figures. For fans of Nintendo games, these little gems unlock new features, modes, weapons and outfits for your favorite characters.

Secrets revealed by digital snooping experts

Digital treasure hunters have got their hands on some vital information about the new figurines. Two new paravela canvases, impossible to unlock in the game for the time being, have been discovered. According to the analysis of these data pros, these canvases could be unlocked using previously unreleased amiibo not yet on the market.

Preview of the new faces of Amiibo: The Legend of Zelda

Universo Zelda, a reference for fans of the saga, offers more details on this discovery :

– Canvas of King Gerudo: Among the finds is a canvas depicting King Gerudo, a central character in the mythology of The Legend of Zelda. So far, this canvas remains inaccessible to players – Princess Zelda canvas: The second canvas reveals Princess Zelda, an figure cherished by fans. For the time being, she too remains out of reach.

Amiibo: Unlocking Zelda and Ganondorf in sight

These are the clues fueling the rumor of an imminent release of new amiibo figures of these Zelda legends. It's worth noting that the IDs of these canvases are listed as 1049 and 1050, while the ID of Link's amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom is 1048. This could mean that these two new figurines of Zelda and Ganondorf hold the key to unlocking these new canvases.

A move already made by Nintendo?

Let's not forget that a similar scenario has already occurred with The Legend of Zelda franchise. In the hit game Breath of the Wild, content unlockable by amiibo figurines of Link from Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask was present before the corresponding figurines went on sale. A masterstroke by Nintendo, which kept gamers on their toes.

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